Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Are wasted, images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now close the presentation (according to the latest rumors, we are always oriented to August 12). Now we can say with relative certainty that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be moved from the processor Exynos 7422 Octa-Core CPU, GPU and LTE modems, flanked by a RAM to 4 GB DDR4.

Confirmations arrive for the display, which will remain – just like its predecessor – 5.5 inches only with an even higher resolution than the present  harga iphone, even if other Chinese render speculate for 5.7-inch and a battery of even 4100 mAh (unlikely, a 3220 mAh) much more plausible.

These are the same sites that anticipating the new S-Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design, compared to Notes 4, would be slightly different. Also this kind of a button at the top, could be a push-to-release mechanism that would allow the S Pen automatic extraction.
The Municipality of Monsummano Terme presents the innovative solution Pay Box
The Councillor for Finance and Innovation, Simona de Caro, he has emphasized the satisfaction of believing right now to undertaking the project quickly this way. The Pay Box system allows to rejoin payments directly with the administrative part and in total safety. It is in fact diagamenti poured promptly and directly into the coffers of the City. Today we start with three services, but the system is modular and this will allow us to activate in time many others, so that citizens can pay in the Pay Box neighborhood shops, all taxes and local services.

Rossella Parlanti Confesercenti emphasized instead how, through the Pay Box you can return to the territory greater vibrancy and solidity. The shops will have more weapons for active management and not be forced to close, he was keen to stress Parlanti.

Roberto Casati, co-founder of Pay Box Srl wanted to briefly mention that Pay Box is the only system in Italy that can charge citizens through neighborhood shops, bars, tobacconists, newsagents, etc., In a completely safe environment for the parties involved.

The receipt is delivered to the city only after the money collected has been reclaimed at the bank Treasurer of the City, and after updating the databases that is, once the debt has been cleared and there is a risk of generating a double payment. This basic fact guarantees absolute and total garanza for both the citizen and the City, concluded Casati.

Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

From the outside, the work of almost all of us, we see a frenetic pace, constant interruptions, more reactions that initiatives. The widespread image of a manager is a person who plans, reflects, coordinates, creates system.

The reality is quite different

managers working at a frantic pace;
their activities are almost always short binary options terpercaya, all different and fragmented;
everything is action-oriented.

When meeting in company managers or entrepreneurs, often describe these concepts and, in general, I get very similar answers to the following I feel better now! I thought that all the other managers were committed to plan, organize, coordinate and control the work of others, while I was being constantly interrupted, jumping from one problem to another and tried to control chaotic situations.

But trouble shared is not halved!

In our society, most of the work, requires specialization and concentration.

Not so for managers. It is evident operand in the organizations of the companies as the work is the sum of constant interruptions. A phone call, an email urgently, a problem with a client etc.

The most serious and the most important activities are mixed with the more mundane without a recognizable order.

Managers do little against power because they do not want to interrupt the flow of information to them, also because of a still too limited use of delegation and empowerment.

This move between different topics leads to losing the ability to explore the issues and to become superficial. To give results then a manager must exercise their superficiality … competently.

Some say that an expert is someone who has an ever deeper knowledge of fewer and fewer arguments to the point of knowing everything, but on nothing!

The problem of the manager is antithetical know less and less about more and more things but to the point of knowing nothing about everything …

But the central point of the pressure management is their continuous and forced action orientation. As we learned in physics, every action has a reaction to other action. We got to the heart of the problem almost always the actions (decisions or activities) of a manager needs that arise from the external system showed … interruptions.

The serious consequences of this are

low quality of life, personal and professional, the manager, who lives in a constant state of stress;
myopia widespread. That is a short-term orientation of managerial activities.

On the quality of life of the manager, for the moment, I do not mind. But the widespread myopia is.

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

We love Nordic design but we fear that too white and rough wood can be monotonous and impersonal Let’s take a look at this Book of Ideas and let’s get ready to rewrite it. This is a cheerful Scandinavian apartment where the lines and suggestions of northern Europe are revisited in a creative way to create original, colorful and fascinating environments. Let’s go through the images together and let us conquer the proposed solutions. Surely we can find interesting things to copy to our home.

An overview

We begin our virtual tour with an overall look at living, a welcoming and cheerful environment. Despite the small size of the space, the interior designers who have cared for the project have been able to differentiate between different functional areas, thus giving way to a fluid but well-organized space.
The kitchen is small but functional and full of personality
MOA design Scandinavian style kitchen

We look closely at the kitchen, small but functional and rich in personality. L-shaped and equipped with everything you need to work agile, it also offers a large floor and wall units that use all the height available. The steel cylinder hood, which reflects on the large green water wall, flashes the spotlights of the spotlights in the countertop.
House 1 Classic style bedroom Country style Opera s.r.l.

Need help with your home design

Cozy and effective living

Now let’s look at living from another point of view and admire the glass-faced window overlooking the wood, giving it great lightness to the environment and giving warm shades to the parquet flooring.
The revival of wallpaper

Still a glimpse of the elegant living, where the attention to attention is above all the wall covered with mother-of-pearl wallpaper with blank motifs an elegant detail and at the same time ridicule, which gives great personality to the home and contributes to warming The Scandinavian style chosen to decorate it.
A small size input but of great impact

The wallpaper goes on to the corner with the entrance, a small but impressive environment where a practical wardrobe with a small chest of drawers has been laid out, perfect for handbags, scarves and hats .

From the entrance we proceed to the sleeping area through the corridor decorated in total white a strategic choice to expand the spaces and communicate a sense of order and cleanliness.

How to Train a Pug

The pug is a lovely dog. The breed emerged in France and has now become quite popular. The small can weigh up to 8 kilos and is known to be a companion dog, true to its owner. Extremely sociable and adaptable, the breed has its limitations, such as breathing problems, difficulty staying alone and strong smell.

Characteristics of the pug

The fidelity of the pug is one of its main characteristics. Because of this, he eventually becomes the owner’s best friend easily. The biggest problem is that the dog cannot stay long alone. The folds of the skin can also cause problems, such as allergies and even unpleasant odors.

The flattened muzzle makes the pug bark different, more like snoring. The characteristic also causes him to have respiratory complications.

How to calm a pug

Being very attached to the owner, the pug ends up becoming a very agitated dog. The first step to calming a dog of this breed is to walk with him every day. The more he spends energy, the less he will be stressed.

Another cool tip is to snack whenever he or she is relaxed. Mark out a moment when your pug is lying down, quiet, and very calm, caress and give a snack. He will understand, over time, that this behavior is worthy of reward.

Caring for a pug puppy

If the pug is a puppy, buy toys to stimulate the teeth and calm down in this time of growth. So it will become more peaceful throughout the day and you will have all the secrets of the pug in your hands.

Bad smell – Pug that stinks a lot

Despite being cute, the pug folds make it look extremely unpleasant if not careful in the right way. Sensitive skin turns out to be a great place for fungi and bacteria. The result of this is a strong smell and difficult to overcome.

You should always make sure that after the bath, the pug is dry. Any sign of moisture is a full plate for these microorganisms. Ideally, it should be bathed every 15 days to avoid further irritation. During the week, wipe with a little apple vinegar and lukewarm water. This will neutralize the odor without hurting the pug. However, a very strong smell can also indicate health problems. Therefore, in case of problems, take it to the veterinarian.

The eyes should always be cleaned with saline solution, to avoid the buildup of pimples. Also clean the ears superficially. Never put the cotton too deep. The risk of causing health problems to your pug is very high.

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How to Calm a Cat

Cats are independent animals and known for their peculiar humor. Although they love a treat, they often only let affection happen when they want. In addition, there are many cats that suffer from the presence of many people and do not get used to more hectic environments.

Therefore, they end up getting scared and scared, and can even hurt someone. To find out how to calm a cat, we’ve put together some special tips.

How to Calm a Lazy Cat

First, make sure the environment is not too noisy or has undergone sudden changes recently. Cats are sensitive and react to any changes. If there is a lot of noise, more people than usual or unknown, it is normal for him to be aloof and to avoid even the owner.

Do not try to grab it by force. He is angry and running away to try to find the balance again. Respect your pet’s space first and foremost. If he is cornered in a corner, leave the water and sandbox next to him. Then try to conquer it with little toys or snacks. Always very calm and slow movements. So you will have his confidence slowly.

How to Calm a Scared Cat

A frightened cat becomes one of the most difficult animals to approach. Whether it’s because of many strangers nearby or a very loud noise, the pussy will try as hard as he can to dodge his attacks. As he is scared, you must be careful with very abrupt movements. Stay on top of him, squatting, and do not scream at all.

To try to bring it to you, grab a snack and offer it. This will give you more confidence. If he approaches, do not pick him up first. Slowly cuddle and then carry the pussy.

How to Calm a Puppy Cat

Puppies cats are scared by nature. After all, they have just arrived in this world and are still getting used to all the noises and movements. So it is normal for the little one to be trapped in the first few days. The key is to establish a bond of trust with him.

Always leave your scent in the bowl of food and everywhere it sits. Thus he will become accustomed to his presence. Put the food near him, if he does not leave the place, and watch from afar he eat. Try to approach very slowly and quietly so as not to frighten you. Remember, the process can take a few days, since the little one is not yet accustomed to you. When he gets closer, use toys and other snacks to gain the confidence of the little one.

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How to get Coffee stain from Clothes

Tearing down coffee is a common accident in everyday life, staining clothes is a consequence. If your biggest concern when this happens is the nothing discrete brown blur that permeates the tissues, stay calm. Coffee stains are not impossible to take off, what happens is that you can do this in several ways, each one is ideal for a type of stain (recent or dry) and for the elements that you have at your fingertips.

Steps to follow:

  1. There are different techniques to remove coffee stain from clothes, they vary according to each situation and the tools that you have at disposal. The most appropriate is to remove the stain as soon as it happens.
  2. If the coffee stain on your clothes has just happened, try flushing hot or hot water on the spot . Be careful not to get burned.
  3. If you are at home and have Vanish, or some bleach powder , prepare a paste of warm water with the product, apply on the stain, rub and leave to act for a few minutes. Then rinse with running water.
  4. Another homemade solution is the classic blend of water and baking soda. Prepare a concentrated paste and rub over the coffee stain of the garment.
  5. If it is already a while and the removal site is difficult, try rubbing ice. Be patient and go scrubbing over the entire stain, you will notice that the coffee is gradually disappearing.
  6. The dry stains mainly on fabrics like acrylic, nylon, polyester or elastane, can be removed with white vinegar or alcohol. To do this, prepare a solution of one quart of warm water, one tablespoon of white vinegar and a half teaspoon of detergent, soak in the laundry and let it react for 15 minutes.
  7. Then rinse with water. If any stain remains, rub with alcohol and wash normally afterward (it may even be in the machine).
  8. Another possibility is to remove the coffee stain with white vinegar and cold water . To do this, add a teaspoon of vinegar in a quart of cold water. Wet the stain with this mixture and rub the stain with a fluffy towel or paper towels until it disappears.

How to Clean the Water Box

To carry out cleaning the water box with quality, it is necessary to disinfect. Close the log and empty the water tank, open the Faucets and flush to empty.


The conservation of the box is an obligation of the condominium considered the basic that guarantees the health of the residents.

By legislation, the water box must be cleaned by a company registered with the Ministry of Health with a responsible chemical engineer registered in the Sanitary Surveillance.

Maintenance without proper equipment, such as white boots, brushes, buckets and sanitized cloths, can contaminate the water. Anvisa

The responsibility in case of contamination is a liquidator who can answer in court.

Law No. 4.783 / 95 governs the matter and establishes the obligation of cleaning the water boxes.

Sanitary surveillance requires a laboratory report proving the quality of the water.


When the Water Box is almost empty, close the outlet and use the remaining water for cleaning and so that the dirt does not go down the pipe.

Rub the walls and bottom of the box using cloths and a soft brush or sponge.

Never use soap, detergent or other products.

To clean the Water Box let water enter the box until it is filled and add 1 liter of 2.5% sodium hypochlorite to every 1,000 liters of water.
Use sanitary water only in the absence of total hypochlorite. Sanitary water containing only sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and water (HO) may be used. Wait for two hours for the hypochlorite to act.

Empty the box. This water will be used to clean and disinfect the pipes.

Cover the water tank so that little animals or insects do not enter.

Write down the cleaning date and open the water inlet.
So he finished cleaning the water box successfully and safely.

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How to Get Blood Stainsfrom Clothes

The bloodstain may bother you, however, even if it is dry or recent it is possible to get rid of this problem simply. Check below how to take blood stain.


This method is quite simple and works on linen and cotton pieces. To remove the stain, turn the fabric and let the stain down, so in this position wash the stain with cold water (avoid using warm or hot water) and rub with soap and hands if you need more soap and process until the stain is gone.


The meat tenderizer can help remove the blood stain; in addition, it can be used in any tissue and can be found in any market. To know if the product does not bring any damage to the fabric try to test some part of the hidden fabric.

If the product does not present any problem, take about 15 ml of meatless seasoning without seasoning and place in a bowl and pour water until it forms a thick paste.

After forming the thick paste pick up and rub into the stain of dry blood and gently rub your fingers, then let it rest for an hour. After this time dry the paste with cold water and wash the fabric normally and let it dry in the wind.

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With the enzymatic cleaner, the user can remove the blood stain on pieces of silk or wool, as this method allows breaking the proteins.

For those who have trouble finding an enzyme product, an alternative is to use a natural or sustainable detergent. With the product, wash the fabric with cold running water to soften the blood, then run your fingers through the fabric to aid removal.

Then leave the sauce tissue in the ice water and the enzyme cleaner (or natural detergent) and dissolve 120 ml of cleaner (or other product) in a bowl of cold water and then place the stained tissue in the same container. Let the fabric soak according to the severity of the stain, being able to stay an hour or even a maximum of eight hours.


To remove the blood stain, put the stained part in cold water to soften the blood. Then put white vinegar in a bowl and put the laundry leaving the stained part immersed. After 30 minutes rub the stain with your hands, rinse with cold water and wash and dry normally.

Clear Leather Cleaning

Just like any other product, leather is a material that over time will lose its luster and wear more and more.

Be it of any type or color, the leather always needs a special touch to make it look like new again. For this reason, the best thing you can do is to clean it and conserve it as much as you can, because as you probably already know, light leather is not cheap at all.

After all, white leather has a huge advantage: it can be cleaned in a very efficient, simple and fast way when it gets dirty. However, you need to know how to clean! It can not be any way you feel like it. You can only clean it with some techniques that can be very efficient.

In this article, you will learn how to do lightweight leather cleaning and make it totally shiny and stunning.

Now see all the steps and tips related to white leather.


  • For furnitures such as sofas, puffs, and chairs made of white leather, you should use vegetable or foam pad with neutral soap. Never rub too much, just do a light cleaning. To moisturize, you can mix 3 cups of milk with 3 glasses of water, and then pass on the sofa, puff or white leather chairs and let the furniture to air dry;
  • You should never use any chemical or abrasive on the white leather to perform cleaning, as these contain a number of additives that can greatly damage the material;
  • Before using any type of white leather, you must pass a colorless grease. This simple process will preserve and preserve it for much longer;
  • To clean and remove white patches on your furniture or white leather parts, rub a raw potato peeled on them;
  • Ink stains on white leather parts should be cleaned with baking soda, wiping with a clean, soft cloth;
  • For stained white leather clothing or accessories, you can use a soft rubber in the affected area to clean more easily;
  • To clean objects made of white leather you should use a soft white flannel;
  • All bags that are made of white leather can be wiped with a wet cloth with a mixture made of hot water and vinegar. Afterwards, you should take another wet cloth, which should be soaked in a mixture of beaten egg white with 2 teaspoons of turpentine. You should make a chandelier with a soft, clean flannel;
  • It is not recommended to put the white leather parts in plastic bags as this will prevent the material from ‘breathing’;

Goals – Telephoto Lenses

Goals – Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses are those goals whose focal length is greater than 50mm to 35mm in the rooms. The most common focal sonoquelle 85mm, 100mm (these two objectives, however, we also find them listed in the zoom category), 135mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. There are also more motivated telephoto lenses, with focal lengths of 600mm or more, but these are fairly infrequent and expensive items, specially created for special situations such as photographic safaris. The maximum lengths for telephoto lenses are around 1200mm and are characterized by presenting a very narrow viewing angle 2 degrees soon.

The telephoto lens has, as a primary function sewa lcd proyektor semarang, the approach of the subject when the photographer has no way to approach himself, ranging from sports competitions to the recovery of animals, as well as reports in complicated and dangerous situations such as battlefields.

Among the main functions of telephoto lenses’ve also is one stolen from fixed portraiture. Because of the narrow viewing angle in fact, a tele 85-135mm kind of lends itself very well to portraiture (when the face of our subject engages the entire scene) because, due to the distance from the subject itself, does not suffer from distortions and it offers a decent prospect. Obviously the main drawback is the depth of field a long focal tends to be minimal, with a flattening of the scene. Shallow depth of field that is exploited precisely in portraiture medium and maximum aperture focal you manage to get an excellent blurred, so much so that often stretch out for this type of solution instead of fixed perspective.

chromatic aberrations and low light are two of the major drawbacks of telephoto lenses because of their length and number of constituents. As they are not indifferent to the price (some canvases exceed 10 thousand euro), the construction complexity, weight, and their delicacy. Since also add the extreme sensitivity that a telephoto lens has to movements the use of a very thorough Zoom in the absence of the easel is often almost impossible (which is why many telephoto lenses are equipped with a handle or foot necessary for the support over a easel). Also eye attack of telephoto lenses to the camera because of their extreme weight, in some cases it will be possible to hold the camera as our solid to avoid doing too much pressure (and therefore risking the break) on the ring attachment.