5 Prefabricated Houses For All Budgets

5 Prefabricated Houses For All Budgets

After living a moment of glory in the ’60s, prefabricated houses have been abandoned for a long time, considered a type of low-quality and very flexible construction. In recent years, however, we are witnessing a revival of this kind of housing, faster to build and proposals always different models and adaptable in any kind of context.

Not to mention the prices it is estimated that on average a prefabricated house a timber – the most common type – on average cost 30% less than a traditional solution brick, to which must be added the considerable savings in energy terms It will offer us in the medium and long term.

Let us then conquer us from this type of construction and discover 5 prefabricated houses for all budgets, depending on your needs from the elegant villa on several floors at the small bungalow ideal as a country retreat on the weekend, here are 5 solutions of varying sizes that will leave us speechless. Establish a specific price for each of them is not possible, because of course there are many variables to consider, from the cost of land, the quality of the materials chosen for the finishing touches, the labor costs that can vary between different geographical areas. In principle, however, we take into account the reduction of which we mentioned above, compared to a traditional house.

The detached villa of 150 square meters

On two floors, this stylish detached villa proposed by CASAATTIVA is a comfortable wooden prefabricated house of 150 square meters, built with high-performance natural materials, anti-seismic and energy-efficient. If the outside is characterized by a strict and elegant appearance, inside it looks fresh and modern, with large rooms finished with quality solutions, such as wooden beams or the big iron staircase connecting the two levels.

The contemporary home 75 sq.m.

Prefabricated houses allow modular solutions of different needs. In this case, for example, it was made a comfortable home in a contemporary style, perfect as a second home for the holidays arranged on one floor and has a lovely outdoor porch. Even within the ambiance is modern, attention to detail,

The wooden house of 51 sq.m.

We look carefully at this image: we would believe that there are enough only 10 days to turn these simple wooden bases in a charming wooden house 51metri square? We are located in Alicante, Spain, and in just over a week 2 workers have been able to build a comfortable house: we look at the next picture!

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