6 Inspirations To Produce A Kitchen With Low Costs

6 Inspirations To Produce A Kitchen With Low Costs

In modern homes the kitchen is perhaps the environment that best reflects our personality. Because it is in the kitchen fact that the family usually gather to have dinner all together or, if only to tell the day, rather than to work or, why not, do your homework. It is therefore important to be able to create a comfortable environment, that meets all our needs and at the same time reflects our style. But being able to hit all these targets when the available budget is tight find out together by sliding the proposals of our experts 6 inspirations to produce a kitchen with limited costs. Many very charming ideas that we could take as a starting point to create the kitchen of our dreams without spending a fortune.

We replace the furniture with a retractable pantry

We never thought that we could do without in the kitchen of the kitchen furniture might seem a joke, but it is a real alternative jual rumput sintetis, because we could really consider the idea of ??replacing the furniture with a practical and economical (and super large !) made pantry with simple sliding doors fixed rail, as we see in this example. In this way we will have to then buy only sink, table and free standing appliances.

We build the island with simple shelves

We are fascinated by the idea of ??decorating the kitchen with a large central island, as we see in this proposal, but we are discouraged by the costs Let’s try to create it using as the basis of simple shelves, with open compartments or doors and drawers according to our different needs scegliamoli of the same height (approximately 90 cm) and accostiamoli between them to form the island block. Procuriamoci then in a center specializing in material for a large workroom in laminate (or treated wood) the size of our new island and fissiamolo at the base of the upper shelves using wood glue and wooden dowels long about 6 cm to anchor the two parts.

If we are even particularly worn for manual work, we could think of cashing on the shelves the stove or oven in this case, however, you will need to check first with a plumber and an electrician the right position of the gas and electricity connections.

We produce the furniture with Yourself

Although we are not experienced carpenters, with a little creativity we could save on the purchase of much of the furniture making ourselves of wooden shelves practices maybe we could take a cue from this fascinating proposal in country chic style

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