6 Small Walk-In Closets In The Bedroom

6 Small Walk-In Closets In The Bedroom

The wardrobe is a common desire for many a dream which sometimes you give up too easily because discouraged by the lack of space or the idea that it is an expense unmanageable. However designing a small walk-in closet in the bedroom is not that impossible and also an environment with sizes contained can host it. We present the following six economic projects in closets, beautiful, elegant and compact.

open systems

A small walk-in closet in the bedroom can be a smart way to use existing spaces irregular, small niches or corners of a room, generally underused. When space is not very wide-open solutions, with modular units in view, I am a good compromise.

colorful microcosms

Not requiring minimum size stratospheric (120cm in width are sufficient), the dressing can easily be obtained by translating the wall that would house the closet. The advantage however is to get an autonomous space, a custom microcosm and organized, which, as in this project, can be identified and differentiated from the rest of the room also chromatically.

Solutions for him and her

In many cases a small walk-in closet can change the fate of the arrangement of a bedroom and become a true space-saving solution. In this project the back coincides with one of the walls of the room itself and through two distinct swing openings leads to two small twin walk-in closets, one for him, one for her.

dressing room

In a rectangular room the ideal solution consists in setting a linear cabin occupying one of the shorter walls, in front of the bed or behind it, as in this case. Here a bed frame, headboard and wardrobe becomes full height colored anteroom to define the space dedicated to the dressing room.

Old house to cover from apartment

Certainly you will ever go out of town for the weekend, perhaps in a more rustic place and run into an old house and dilapidated. Probably inside there will be outdated furniture, dirty tiles and looked so out of fashion that no one would ever want to have her as a house.

In cases like these, the only possible solution is undoubtedly a careful renovation! To see this incredible change, take a look at this article.

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