Travel To Indonesia Our Adventure Begins With Club Med Bintan

Travel To Indonesia Our Adventure Begins With Club Med Bintan

Our trip to Southeast Asia starts from one of Indonesia’s perhaps less popular and known islands, Bintan Island, the largest of the Riau archipelago.

12 hour flight from London to Singapore it starts at 9 in the morning, so not a night flight (at least for most of the route) and as a result our two little girls (two and three years) are beautiful for the first hours of travel.

No relaxation for us parents unfortunately; the times of falling asleep as soon as you get on the plane are a distant memory travelhoundsusa. All in all the trip went well and we arrive in Singapore at 9.30 in the morning, tired but excited for this new adventure.

From Singapore airport, a taxi takes you to the departure of the ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. At the ticket office our names are already registered thanks to the booking with Club Med. An hour’s journey to get to the Bandar Bentan Telani port, in Bintan, where the Club Med minibus awaits us and takes us directly to the village.

When we get off the minibus we are warmly welcomed by some members of staff and a welcome cocktail welcome. The lively atmosphere, the relaxing atmosphere and the big smiles immediately put us at ease. It was even difficult to contain the enthusiasm of the children, who were already trotting intrigued by what surrounded them and by some animators assigned to the reception.

While taking care of our bags, we were taken along the village’s avenues, passing through the bars, swimming pools and the golf course.

I had anticipated that the resort was on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and now I take note following the enchanted look at the horizon line. Behind a profile of palm trees kissed by the wind, the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean shine.

I really struggle to believe that such a place really exists and wonderful places for the world I have seen many.

Our room is cozy, spacious and well decorated. The strong point is definitely the view on the garden and the beach. A corner of the room is completely made of glass and it is precisely here that Isabella (our daughter) is a bed that enjoys a 180-degree panoramic view. The staff also provided the cot for Maya who is two years old.

We settled almost immediately. Apart from the usual problems of Jet-lag (for the first days we did not get out of bed before 10 am) and adapt to the new climate (wet but not too hot, 30 degrees in the day) we felt at ease from the moment where we set foot in the resort.

The Club Med Bintan is relatively large and completely surrounded by greenery it is not difficult to have close encounters with small monkeys and iguana, and feel an integral part of the extraordinary tropical landscape.

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