6 Basic Tips for Cleaning and Hygiene in Kitchen

6 Basic Tips for Cleaning and Hygiene in Kitchen

We have talked about kitchen cleaning several times but we homify we believe this is the fulcrum of every home.

However, kitchens can be difficult places to keep organized and clean, for example, we must pay special attention when handling meat or raw products, or if the spaces available are small and bulky objects and furnishings, or even if the layout of the objects becomes uncomfortable Reach all corners.

That’s why we have put together a list of 6 precious tips to keep the kitchen clean and tidy so we can enjoy meals with friends and family more easily. Let’s have a look!

Clean while cooking

It is a simple and effective advice, washing the dishes while the food is baking in the oven or starting the dishwasher before going to the table, will allow us to enjoy the meal without having to worry about cleaning it afterwards.

Periodically clean the refrigerator

This is not always the most enjoyable task but cleaning the refrigerator every two to six months can help keep you constantly hygiene and cleaning in the kitchen. Regular cleaning of the refrigerator can also be useful to check that there are no expired foods to be eliminated.

Do not overlook the microwave

The microwave is a device that we often neglect (and it is not the only one), but it would be good to clean it frequently, especially if we use it often.

Keep working plans clean

Food workplaces store food residues that welcome innumerable bacteria. We must therefore ensure that they are always well cleaned and preferably use antibacterial and hygienic products to clean them. Additionally, it is best to avoid clogging them with too many objects to help dirt build up and make the cleaning easier. An orderly and well organized kitchen is much easier to keep clean.

Beware of waste containers

As we know, even in the garbage containers the bacteria proliferate. Let’s make sure that they are always clean and hygienic.

Linen always clean

The last but no less important advice is always to use kitchen linens, towels and sponges for well-cleaned utensils. In fact, they can deposit and accumulate the residues of the kitchen and therefore have to be washed often.

A wardrobe with curtains

If you do not have a cabinet at home, then we suggest you create one like this. In fact, the wardrobe is ideal for optimizing space and also creates a pleasant atmosphere in the environment. A carpenter can easily make it as desired.

Additionally, you can add a tent to keep your clothes clean.

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