8 Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Apartment

8 Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Apartment

The small apartment that we present – only 43 m²! – It is located in Rio de Janeiro in the Barra da Tijuca district. It is distinguished by its delicacy and a strong ability to adopt strategies for the intelligent use of spaces added to concerns about the functionality and beauty brought in a delicate and original apartment. This apartment is particularly fascinating for vibrant colors and sharp design solutions adopted by the studio Carolina Mendonça ProgettoArchitettura and Interior Ltda.

As we shall see, forms reading, cheerful and fresh are the cornerstones of a house in which spaces are marked by a mixture of lightweight materials such as glass and mirrored surfaces and a selection of tones and colors very well matched with which to identify sober and balanced environments solasbars. The minimalist language of this house provides so timely than ever simple answers to daily living needs.

So let’s take a good look, you will love it!

Carpentry with niches

Our visit begins at the living the social nucleus for the entire house. Even if the space consists of a few square meters, the lighting is perfectly dosed and Home very well divided; also the wood elements used to configure large shelves for storage of objects without overloading the environments.

dominant white

Observing every detail, we can not fail to be impressed by the vibrant and relaxed, with touches of color very precise. However, the main feature is undoubtedly the white almost complete and the use of accents in natural light wood essence for details.

natural light

The living room is bright and cheerful a thin curtain filtered generous a beautiful natural light that floods the entire environment. The comfortable sofa in velvet, with clean and simple lines, is placed just in front of the television, framed by a mobile with wood finishes and niches to expose objects and decorative elements. The blue of pillows complete this little haven of peace by adding a pleasant note of freshness.

Transparency and custom furniture

The dining room, integrated with the living room, is characterized by the use of bright colors and shiny materials such as tempered glass table and a glass bowl resting on the latter. Note that the adjacent wall is completely covered with a mirror so that the perception of this small space to appear amplified. The custom-made bar area with small cupboard gives to the whole environment a very special touch.

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