How to Calm a Cat

Cats are independent animals and known for their peculiar humor. Although they love a treat, they often only let affection happen when they want. In addition, there are many cats that suffer from the presence of many people and do not get used to more hectic environments.

Therefore, they end up getting scared and scared, and can even hurt someone. To find out how to calm a cat, we’ve put together some special tips.

How to Calm a Lazy Cat

First, make sure the environment is not too noisy or has undergone sudden changes recently. Cats are sensitive and react to any changes. If there is a lot of noise, more people than usual or unknown, it is normal for him to be aloof and to avoid even the owner.

Do not try to grab it by force. He is angry and running away to try to find the balance again. Respect your pet’s space first and foremost. If he is cornered in a corner, leave the water and sandbox next to him. Then try to conquer it with little toys or snacks. Always very calm and slow movements. So you will have his confidence slowly.

How to Calm a Scared Cat

A frightened cat becomes one of the most difficult animals to approach. Whether it’s because of many strangers nearby or a very loud noise, the pussy will try as hard as he can to dodge his attacks. As he is scared, you must be careful with very abrupt movements. Stay on top of him, squatting, and do not scream at all.

To try to bring it to you, grab a snack and offer it. This will give you more confidence. If he approaches, do not pick him up first. Slowly cuddle and then carry the pussy.

How to Calm a Puppy Cat

Puppies cats are scared by nature. After all, they have just arrived in this world and are still getting used to all the noises and movements. So it is normal for the little one to be trapped in the first few days. The key is to establish a bond of trust with him.

Always leave your scent in the bowl of food and everywhere it sits. Thus he will become accustomed to his presence. Put the food near him, if he does not leave the place, and watch from afar he eat. Try to approach very slowly and quietly so as not to frighten you. Remember, the process can take a few days, since the little one is not yet accustomed to you. When he gets closer, use toys and other snacks to gain the confidence of the little one.

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