How to Train a Pug

The pug is a lovely dog. The breed emerged in France and has now become quite popular. The small can weigh up to 8 kilos and is known to be a companion dog, true to its owner. Extremely sociable and adaptable, the breed has its limitations, such as breathing problems, difficulty staying alone and strong smell.

Characteristics of the pug

The fidelity of the pug is one of its main characteristics. Because of this, he eventually becomes the owner’s best friend easily. The biggest problem is that the dog cannot stay long alone. The folds of the skin can also cause problems, such as allergies and even unpleasant odors.

The flattened muzzle makes the pug bark different, more like snoring. The characteristic also causes him to have respiratory complications.

How to calm a pug

Being very attached to the owner, the pug ends up becoming a very agitated dog. The first step to calming a dog of this breed is to walk with him every day. The more he spends energy, the less he will be stressed.

Another cool tip is to snack whenever he or she is relaxed. Mark out a moment when your pug is lying down, quiet, and very calm, caress and give a snack. He will understand, over time, that this behavior is worthy of reward.

Caring for a pug puppy

If the pug is a puppy, buy toys to stimulate the teeth and calm down in this time of growth. So it will become more peaceful throughout the day and you will have all the secrets of the pug in your hands.

Bad smell – Pug that stinks a lot

Despite being cute, the pug folds make it look extremely unpleasant if not careful in the right way. Sensitive skin turns out to be a great place for fungi and bacteria. The result of this is a strong smell and difficult to overcome.

You should always make sure that after the bath, the pug is dry. Any sign of moisture is a full plate for these microorganisms. Ideally, it should be bathed every 15 days to avoid further irritation. During the week, wipe with a little apple vinegar and lukewarm water. This will neutralize the odor without hurting the pug. However, a very strong smell can also indicate health problems. Therefore, in case of problems, take it to the veterinarian.

The eyes should always be cleaned with saline solution, to avoid the buildup of pimples. Also clean the ears superficially. Never put the cotton too deep. The risk of causing health problems to your pug is very high.

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