A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

We love Nordic design but we fear that too white and rough wood can be monotonous and impersonal Let’s take a look at this Book of Ideas and let’s get ready to rewrite it. This is a cheerful Scandinavian apartment where the lines and suggestions of northern Europe are revisited in a creative way to create original, colorful and fascinating environments. Let’s go through the images together and let us conquer the proposed solutions. Surely we can find interesting things to copy to our home.

An overview

We begin our virtual tour with an overall look at living, a welcoming and cheerful environment. Despite the small size of the space, the interior designers who have cared for the project have been able to differentiate between different functional areas, thus giving way to a fluid but well-organized space.
The kitchen is small but functional and full of personality
MOA design Scandinavian style kitchen

We look closely at the kitchen, small but functional and rich in personality. L-shaped and equipped with everything you need to work agile, it also offers a large floor and wall units that use all the height available. The steel cylinder hood, which reflects on the large green water wall, flashes the spotlights of the spotlights in the countertop.
House 1 Classic style bedroom Country style Opera s.r.l.

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Cozy and effective living

Now let’s look at living from another point of view and admire the glass-faced window overlooking the wood, giving it great lightness to the environment and giving warm shades to the parquet flooring.
The revival of wallpaper

Still a glimpse of the elegant living, where the attention to attention is above all the wall covered with mother-of-pearl wallpaper with blank motifs an elegant detail and at the same time ridicule, which gives great personality to the home and contributes to warming The Scandinavian style chosen to decorate it.
A small size input but of great impact

The wallpaper goes on to the corner with the entrance, a small but impressive environment where a practical wardrobe with a small chest of drawers has been laid out, perfect for handbags, scarves and hats .

From the entrance we proceed to the sleeping area through the corridor decorated in total white a strategic choice to expand the spaces and communicate a sense of order and cleanliness.

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