Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

From the outside, the work of almost all of us, we see a frenetic pace, constant interruptions, more reactions that initiatives. The widespread image of a manager is a person who plans, reflects, coordinates, creates system.

The reality is quite different

managers working at a frantic pace;
their activities are almost always short binary options terpercaya, all different and fragmented;
everything is action-oriented.

When meeting in company managers or entrepreneurs, often describe these concepts and, in general, I get very similar answers to the following I feel better now! I thought that all the other managers were committed to plan, organize, coordinate and control the work of others, while I was being constantly interrupted, jumping from one problem to another and tried to control chaotic situations.

But trouble shared is not halved!

In our society, most of the work, requires specialization and concentration.

Not so for managers. It is evident operand in the organizations of the companies as the work is the sum of constant interruptions. A phone call, an email urgently, a problem with a client etc.

The most serious and the most important activities are mixed with the more mundane without a recognizable order.

Managers do little against power because they do not want to interrupt the flow of information to them, also because of a still too limited use of delegation and empowerment.

This move between different topics leads to losing the ability to explore the issues and to become superficial. To give results then a manager must exercise their superficiality … competently.

Some say that an expert is someone who has an ever deeper knowledge of fewer and fewer arguments to the point of knowing everything, but on nothing!

The problem of the manager is antithetical know less and less about more and more things but to the point of knowing nothing about everything …

But the central point of the pressure management is their continuous and forced action orientation. As we learned in physics, every action has a reaction to other action. We got to the heart of the problem almost always the actions (decisions or activities) of a manager needs that arise from the external system showed … interruptions.

The serious consequences of this are

low quality of life, personal and professional, the manager, who lives in a constant state of stress;
myopia widespread. That is a short-term orientation of managerial activities.

On the quality of life of the manager, for the moment, I do not mind. But the widespread myopia is.

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