Does Chocolate & Whey Protein Cause Acne?

Chocolate is considered a food cause of acne since time immemorial. However, to date, no agreement has been reached regarding this matter. Some of the informal surveys linked the consumption of chocolate with an increased risk of acne.

A recent study shows, men who consume 25 grams of dark chocolate every day tend to have problems with acne. There is also a mention, eating chocolate can increase the reactivity of the immune system causing acne bacteria.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a supplement commonly used as a diet high in protein that is very popular among athletes. This type of food group is rich in glutamine and amino acids leucine. These amino acids can cause skin cells to develop and separate more quickly. This is considered to affect the process of formation of acne. AcneRead more: pimple under mole

Well, the amino acids contained in whey protein flour can stimulate the body to produce more insulin. This is why, acne thrives. The relationship between acne and whey protein consumption has been demonstrated through several studies in male athletes.

Foods That Allergies

Food can cause inflammation through allergies. This is also known as delayed hypersensitivity reaction. Source:

Food allergies occur because of a misunderstanding of the immune system that considers certain foods harmful that creates an immune to fight it. To know the types of foods that trigger acne growth, you need to do an elimination diet, which limits the amount of food consumed for a while, in order to know the cause or trigger allergies.

Well, so 7 types of foods that cause acne that should be avoided to keep skin smooth. In addition, you can also take Beauty Golds from Harvest Supplement to help overcome acne and acne scars

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