Recommended Food After Caesarean Surgery

Pregnancy and childbirth have drained a lot of energy from the body. Mother would not want to get sick right after baby born. Moreover, now mother wants to breastfeed. So the mother must choose nutritious foods to accelerate the healing of caesarean section wounds. Especially for baby Mother to stay healthy and energetic.

Foods Accelerate Wound Healing Caesarean Surgery

Ideally, after the birth of a baby mother, every food chosen must be healthy and nutritious to make up for the hard work during pregnancy and childbirth. Here are 5 healthy food choices for mothers after giving birth is also good for diet:

Recommended Food

1. Protein

According to a study conducted by a team of researchers at Ohio State University, mothers giving birth require about 71 grams of additional proteins other than their daily needs. The recommendation of nutritional adequacy rate (AKG) Indonesia for breastfeeding mothers is 20+ grams / day during the first six months.

The need for protein during breastfeeding increases. Increasing this need to maintain maternal health. It is advisable to consume food sources of animal protein such as fish, milk and eggs.

Therefore, adding protein-rich foods is a must during this period. Especially protein albumin to accelerate the healing of the post-operative caesarean.


  • If the mother is a vegetarian, grains and nuts are good for diet while getting protein content.
  • While non-vegetarians can easily consume non-calorie meat and poultry preparations.
  • For the mother of a career woman, the capsule of cursing becomes a supplement as well as the right medicine. Certainly contains protein with high albumin levels as well.

2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate foods are the fastest source of energy for mothers during the cesarean section wound healing period. Moreover now the mother will need a lot of energy to produce milk for the baby.


  • Avoid excess sugar. They tend to increase blood sugar levels. Quickly make a sudden drop, which can leave the mother feel tired and weak.
  • Complex carbohydrates are present in whole grains, fresh corn, cornstarch, brown rice, bread, cassava instead of rice. Provide a mother of energy without getting extra calories like in sweet foods.

3. Fat

Fat is also a very important part of the diet after childbirth. But the mother must make sure to measure the right amount of fat. Fish fat contains omega 3 fatty acids, which will enhance the baby’s brain development through breast milk of course.

So make sure Mother gets 2 servings of catfish, tuna, salmon. Processed fish cork fish accelerate cesarean section wound healing. It is also a good time to switch to healthy cooking oils such as olive oil during the post-partum period.

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