The Best Photo Editing Apps for Mobile and PC

Having a photo editing app is really necessary. Whether you install it on mobile or PC, this app can be your savior to make an aesthetic photo. Especially if you love photography and you want to make good feeds on your social media. By using photo editing apps, you can create many beautiful photos which can be aesthetically pleasing.

Best Photo Editing Apps
Best Photo Editing Apps

We recommend you to install one of those photo editing apps below:

Photo Editing Apps to Create Beautiful Pictures

  • Prisma

The latest Prisma application on iOS that supports videos is really useful if you love to make a video. There is a new button to record video, it is located right next to the button to take photos. This application shocked netizens in early 2017. Unlike other applications, Prisma has filters that can change photos like high-quality artwork. The preset was inspired by the paintings of the maestros.

  • Hypercom

This photo editing application is segmented for monochrome photography lovers, aka black and white. Monochrome photo editing results appear deeper and natural. The application interface is also made minimalist with a monochrome display.

  • Cymera

Similar to Snapchat and Instagram, this application allows users to add photos with various filters, stickers, and masks that are adorable. There are also light settings and various frames to enhance photos. In addition, Cymera can also improve the results of portrait photos with a tool to remove pimples, change body shape, to add the smooth skin.

  • Polarr

This application not only can improve photo results by setting exposure, contrast, color balance, and more. Polarr can also create user edits as a modified preset for subsequent photo editing. This will hone the user’s ability to color and tone photos. This application has a Brush Stabilizer feature that allows users with frequent shaking hands to use this application more easily. There are also Brush Engine and Resource Manager features.

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