Photographic Composition – The Lines

Photographic Composition – The Lines

In photo composition we have already seen how lines are key elements. What I have not talked about yet is the meaning of the lines I take in a photograph. In particular

Horizontal lines tranquility
Vertical lines stability, power, strength
Diagonal lines speed, movement, dynamism
Curved lines sensuality, movement

But not just the lines have special meanings the same applies to geometric figures.

Circle Static
Square Balance
Triangle movement

All these meanings are not randomly cast but are the result of our brain’s interpretation of images Let’s take the case of geometric shapes to spin the three meanings just look at the two images below

The three figures have been turned. The rim is the same, it is static. The square has become a rumble, but the visual perspective is the same it is a middle ground between the circle’s staticity and the dynamism of the triangle.

And for the lines It is the same concept, it is our brain that associates a different meaning to each line. Our eye marks an image moving from left to right. The reason, as has often been said, is related to reading we are used to reading from left to right. Organizing the elements in a photograph along a diagonal that goes from the bottom to the top right upwards means facilitating the reading of photography by our brain. Inserting diagonal elements that are seen as lines allows to guide the human eye to a certain point in the photograph where we can insert the predominant element. This is because our eye in moving is leaning to the line following it.

On the other hand, if the object of simulating a diagonal line from the left summit to the right base, we would create an impediment, distracting attention from what is placed at the base of the line this is because our eye in moving is clash With the line. That becomes a barrier.

The horizontal line is another barrier. It divides the scene and does not allow the eye to pass in the positioned area on the other side. Unless there is an interruption in that case, our eye will go from side to side of the scene just from that interruption. Interruption that can be a door, a hole but also and of course an object (such as a tree or a person) that positioning in the foreground with respect to the line breaks its continuity. Take it from the bottom of a scene you will come to see the high part passing through that discontinuity.

The Objectives – Guide To Buying A Used Lens

The Objectives – Guide To Buying A Used Lens

Buy a lens used is not simple in most cases, in fact we find ourselves in front of the object with a long history, many shots but most wear such as to make void the performance. There remains always the problem of why someone gets rid of a target if there are cases of upgrading of systems from half frame in full frame in which it is necessary to rebuild kit or move from targets to non-stabilized optical stabilized (also cost 10 times more!), there are many cases where the seller wants to get rid of its objective because it is no longer happy. And this may be due to one thousand factors like a ring that resists scratches, dust, misalignment and so on.

And ‘good thing akusewa, when you buy a used, do a series of tests before the first seller to close the deal. At least if you want groped not to do business in those optics sold it!

The first control is the simplest one the appearance. Definitely a goal of living will microabrasions but these little importanto as not affecting the optical functions. Obviously, if in addition to micro-abrasions found broken, missing pieces or dents is the case of let it go.

The external lenses should be completely free of scratches and signs and if you look into the sun, must show an iridescent purplish patina (coating – anti-reflective coating) uniform. If there are white areas there is a problem.

Open and close several times the diaphragm and watch the goal. A diaphragm closed the hole should be as round as possible, without lamellae who can not shake like any other. A fully open aperture, you do not see mold, dull areas or water fogging inside the lens. The powder is instead normal, even in the new one you can observe.

Always on the diaphragm, check that the sliding of the slats is smooth and not jamming if he resists forget it. By the way, to change the aperture do not need a camera body, just use the lever that you find on the inside of the lens, as shown in the figure.

There must be no oxidation on the screws and electrical contacts, there must not be fat or oil near the gear, including two focus rings and zoom or aperture blades. The screws must be new, or rather never opened if even a screw shows signs of opening, it means that the target has been repaired, its value falls drastically. In addition of course to having possible problems as the formation of condensation.

23 Modern Houses Fantastic

23 Modern Houses Fantastic

The modern house is changing and is doing it quickly. Forget the forms to which you were accustomed to discover totally incredible homes. Everything has to adapt to the new demands of our contemporary life is sometimes easy, other times it can be a big failure. We chose to present 25 houses by the controversial design which we are sure will inspire you in some way!

Are you ready for this trip without Via ticket!

The house in the nature

This detached house blends with nature in a harmonious way, although the forms are not natural. It is the wood that makes the difference and that almost blends in the house with the surrounding environment. The simple and geometric line allow the villa to have an important presence, especially thanks to the raised terrace on the front.

The house open but closed

Lines and shapes are clearly modern mold. Of particular interest is the provision of open spaces, the house in fact shows a blatant duality on one side a more open area, the other area more reserved and protected by shading structures.

The house of transparencies

This villa creates a strong bond with the outer space through the large windows presenting the back. In this way, not only you can better appreciate the surrounding landscape from the inside, but it is possible also to accommodate a greater quantity of natural light compared to normal windows.

The house like a box

In this case, they abandon the extra large measures in favor of smaller volumes. The material approach remains mostly unchanged with much use of concrete for the cantilevered volumes, then wood and glass to top it all. The result is a house that looks like a small game for kids made of boxes.

The house that emphasizes the spaces

The walls of this facade give it a dynamism and an incredible lightness, the central black wall breaks decisively the horizontality of the building, allowing to rest the eye to appreciate the access to the house, with a white cover a pergola and a beautiful wooden door.

Technological home but natural

A modern house combines aesthetics with functionality. With this project, the two principles go hand in hand The German project sees the union of an essential but elegant style, using advanced building technologies for home insulation and energy efficiency at the top of the category.

The modern house and common

The style is typical of the villa outside the city sloping roof, a small terrace overlooking the garden and modern architecture. Another detail to be observed regarding the large sliding glass doors create the first level for the living area.

Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Images Samsung Galaxy Note 5 online Here Make Hardware Specifications

Are wasted, images of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 now close the presentation (according to the latest rumors, we are always oriented to August 12). Now we can say with relative certainty that Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be moved from the processor Exynos 7422 Octa-Core CPU, GPU and LTE modems, flanked by a RAM to 4 GB DDR4.

Confirmations arrive for the display, which will remain – just like its predecessor – 5.5 inches only with an even higher resolution than the present  harga iphone, even if other Chinese render speculate for 5.7-inch and a battery of even 4100 mAh (unlikely, a 3220 mAh) much more plausible.

These are the same sites that anticipating the new S-Pen Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design, compared to Notes 4, would be slightly different. Also this kind of a button at the top, could be a push-to-release mechanism that would allow the S Pen automatic extraction.
The Municipality of Monsummano Terme presents the innovative solution Pay Box
The Councillor for Finance and Innovation, Simona de Caro, he has emphasized the satisfaction of believing right now to undertaking the project quickly this way. The Pay Box system allows to rejoin payments directly with the administrative part and in total safety. It is in fact diagamenti poured promptly and directly into the coffers of the City. Today we start with three services, but the system is modular and this will allow us to activate in time many others, so that citizens can pay in the Pay Box neighborhood shops, all taxes and local services.

Rossella Parlanti Confesercenti emphasized instead how, through the Pay Box you can return to the territory greater vibrancy and solidity. The shops will have more weapons for active management and not be forced to close, he was keen to stress Parlanti.

Roberto Casati, co-founder of Pay Box Srl wanted to briefly mention that Pay Box is the only system in Italy that can charge citizens through neighborhood shops, bars, tobacconists, newsagents, etc., In a completely safe environment for the parties involved.

The receipt is delivered to the city only after the money collected has been reclaimed at the bank Treasurer of the City, and after updating the databases that is, once the debt has been cleared and there is a risk of generating a double payment. This basic fact guarantees absolute and total garanza for both the citizen and the City, concluded Casati.

Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

Recipe Business How To Deal With The Pressures Of Managerial Work

From the outside, the work of almost all of us, we see a frenetic pace, constant interruptions, more reactions that initiatives. The widespread image of a manager is a person who plans, reflects, coordinates, creates system.

The reality is quite different

managers working at a frantic pace;
their activities are almost always short binary options terpercaya, all different and fragmented;
everything is action-oriented.

When meeting in company managers or entrepreneurs, often describe these concepts and, in general, I get very similar answers to the following I feel better now! I thought that all the other managers were committed to plan, organize, coordinate and control the work of others, while I was being constantly interrupted, jumping from one problem to another and tried to control chaotic situations.

But trouble shared is not halved!

In our society, most of the work, requires specialization and concentration.

Not so for managers. It is evident operand in the organizations of the companies as the work is the sum of constant interruptions. A phone call, an email urgently, a problem with a client etc.

The most serious and the most important activities are mixed with the more mundane without a recognizable order.

Managers do little against power because they do not want to interrupt the flow of information to them, also because of a still too limited use of delegation and empowerment.

This move between different topics leads to losing the ability to explore the issues and to become superficial. To give results then a manager must exercise their superficiality … competently.

Some say that an expert is someone who has an ever deeper knowledge of fewer and fewer arguments to the point of knowing everything, but on nothing!

The problem of the manager is antithetical know less and less about more and more things but to the point of knowing nothing about everything …

But the central point of the pressure management is their continuous and forced action orientation. As we learned in physics, every action has a reaction to other action. We got to the heart of the problem almost always the actions (decisions or activities) of a manager needs that arise from the external system showed … interruptions.

The serious consequences of this are

low quality of life, personal and professional, the manager, who lives in a constant state of stress;
myopia widespread. That is a short-term orientation of managerial activities.

On the quality of life of the manager, for the moment, I do not mind. But the widespread myopia is.

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

A Flat with Many Scandinavian Style Ideas to Copy

We love Nordic design but we fear that too white and rough wood can be monotonous and impersonal Let’s take a look at this Book of Ideas and let’s get ready to rewrite it. This is a cheerful Scandinavian apartment where the lines and suggestions of northern Europe are revisited in a creative way to create original, colorful and fascinating environments. Let’s go through the images together and let us conquer the proposed solutions. Surely we can find interesting things to copy to our home.

An overview

We begin our virtual tour with an overall look at living, a welcoming and cheerful environment. Despite the small size of the space, the interior designers who have cared for the project have been able to differentiate between different functional areas, thus giving way to a fluid but well-organized space.
The kitchen is small but functional and full of personality
MOA design Scandinavian style kitchen

We look closely at the kitchen, small but functional and rich in personality. L-shaped and equipped with everything you need to work agile, it also offers a large floor and wall units that use all the height available. The steel cylinder hood, which reflects on the large green water wall, flashes the spotlights of the spotlights in the countertop.
House 1 Classic style bedroom Country style Opera s.r.l.

Need help with your home design

Cozy and effective living

Now let’s look at living from another point of view and admire the glass-faced window overlooking the wood, giving it great lightness to the environment and giving warm shades to the parquet flooring.
The revival of wallpaper

Still a glimpse of the elegant living, where the attention to attention is above all the wall covered with mother-of-pearl wallpaper with blank motifs an elegant detail and at the same time ridicule, which gives great personality to the home and contributes to warming The Scandinavian style chosen to decorate it.
A small size input but of great impact

The wallpaper goes on to the corner with the entrance, a small but impressive environment where a practical wardrobe with a small chest of drawers has been laid out, perfect for handbags, scarves and hats .

From the entrance we proceed to the sleeping area through the corridor decorated in total white a strategic choice to expand the spaces and communicate a sense of order and cleanliness.

Goals – Telephoto Lenses

Goals – Telephoto Lenses

Telephoto lenses are those goals whose focal length is greater than 50mm to 35mm in the rooms. The most common focal sonoquelle 85mm, 100mm (these two objectives, however, we also find them listed in the zoom category), 135mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. There are also more motivated telephoto lenses, with focal lengths of 600mm or more, but these are fairly infrequent and expensive items, specially created for special situations such as photographic safaris. The maximum lengths for telephoto lenses are around 1200mm and are characterized by presenting a very narrow viewing angle 2 degrees soon.

The telephoto lens has, as a primary function sewa lcd proyektor semarang, the approach of the subject when the photographer has no way to approach himself, ranging from sports competitions to the recovery of animals, as well as reports in complicated and dangerous situations such as battlefields.

Among the main functions of telephoto lenses’ve also is one stolen from fixed portraiture. Because of the narrow viewing angle in fact, a tele 85-135mm kind of lends itself very well to portraiture (when the face of our subject engages the entire scene) because, due to the distance from the subject itself, does not suffer from distortions and it offers a decent prospect. Obviously the main drawback is the depth of field a long focal tends to be minimal, with a flattening of the scene. Shallow depth of field that is exploited precisely in portraiture medium and maximum aperture focal you manage to get an excellent blurred, so much so that often stretch out for this type of solution instead of fixed perspective.

chromatic aberrations and low light are two of the major drawbacks of telephoto lenses because of their length and number of constituents. As they are not indifferent to the price (some canvases exceed 10 thousand euro), the construction complexity, weight, and their delicacy. Since also add the extreme sensitivity that a telephoto lens has to movements the use of a very thorough Zoom in the absence of the easel is often almost impossible (which is why many telephoto lenses are equipped with a handle or foot necessary for the support over a easel). Also eye attack of telephoto lenses to the camera because of their extreme weight, in some cases it will be possible to hold the camera as our solid to avoid doing too much pressure (and therefore risking the break) on the ring attachment.

8 Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Apartment

8 Ideas To Get The Most Out Of Your Small Apartment

The small apartment that we present – only 43 m²! – It is located in Rio de Janeiro in the Barra da Tijuca district. It is distinguished by its delicacy and a strong ability to adopt strategies for the intelligent use of spaces added to concerns about the functionality and beauty brought in a delicate and original apartment. This apartment is particularly fascinating for vibrant colors and sharp design solutions adopted by the studio Carolina Mendonça ProgettoArchitettura and Interior Ltda.

As we shall see, forms reading, cheerful and fresh are the cornerstones of a house in which spaces are marked by a mixture of lightweight materials such as glass and mirrored surfaces and a selection of tones and colors very well matched with which to identify sober and balanced environments solasbars. The minimalist language of this house provides so timely than ever simple answers to daily living needs.

So let’s take a good look, you will love it!

Carpentry with niches

Our visit begins at the living the social nucleus for the entire house. Even if the space consists of a few square meters, the lighting is perfectly dosed and Home very well divided; also the wood elements used to configure large shelves for storage of objects without overloading the environments.

dominant white

Observing every detail, we can not fail to be impressed by the vibrant and relaxed, with touches of color very precise. However, the main feature is undoubtedly the white almost complete and the use of accents in natural light wood essence for details.

natural light

The living room is bright and cheerful a thin curtain filtered generous a beautiful natural light that floods the entire environment. The comfortable sofa in velvet, with clean and simple lines, is placed just in front of the television, framed by a mobile with wood finishes and niches to expose objects and decorative elements. The blue of pillows complete this little haven of peace by adding a pleasant note of freshness.

Transparency and custom furniture

The dining room, integrated with the living room, is characterized by the use of bright colors and shiny materials such as tempered glass table and a glass bowl resting on the latter. Note that the adjacent wall is completely covered with a mirror so that the perception of this small space to appear amplified. The custom-made bar area with small cupboard gives to the whole environment a very special touch.

8 Entrance Drives to Be Enchanted by Your Neighbor

8 Entrance Drives to Be Enchanted by Your Neighbor

An entrance driveway is much more than just a garden. Because often the first idea that guests have in our home depends precisely on this space a few square feet in degrees to communicate our personality and our style. Then let us go through the next images together and let us conquer the proposals of our experts. We will discover 8 driveways to envy the neighbor, which we could take as an inspiration to make our nest even more unique and welcoming. From the perfect scenery project for those who are fortunate to have a large vertical garden area available, here are 8 ideas that we can not miss!


Let’s look closely at this scenic driveway and try to wonder what effect it might be at home. Why not turn it into reality If we have at least ten square meters, it will not be very difficult. The important thing is to skilfully alternate materials and shapes to create a fascinating game of empty and full volumes. What do we need Gravel, concrete slabs and small boxwood bushes of various sizes, to be arranged along the route a pinch of fantasy and there is a classic style garden full of charm.

A tip As a more practical alternative, we could replace the bushes with mini hedges in pew, always in the shape of a pouf.


The second garden we take into account is a perfect example of how architecture and vegetation can complement each other, creating a truly spectacular result. The concrete walkway with minimal and minimal design surrounds in fact the small colorful curtain, giving rise to a contrast of great effect.


You are not always lucky enough to have a large surface at hand, so you must aim at original solutions that can help us create a great driveway even in a few squares. In this proposal, for example, the path was made thanks to high and slender bamboo plants, which capture the attention without generating excessive clutter.


If we are looking for an idea to astonish our guests (and our neighbors!) We could take this initiative by the experts of the NICO VAN DER MEULEN studio a composition that totally revolutionizes the concept of outdoor garden, proposing a modern water course . Then note in the background the vegetal panels, which lay the walls with the green that is missing on the ground.


A simple but remarkable driveway that we could copy by combining plants of different shape to create a delightful, eclectic style garden.

Perfect in every season

If we are not expert gardeners, fat plants are the ideal solution for having a perfect entry path every season they require minimal care and provide great effect. In this proposal, for example, the driveway was realized thanks to a cactus planter and exotic plants that recall distant and fascinating landscapes.

A hint to make our garden even more fascinating, we could put in the planter of small LED lamps and create such intriguing lights and shadows.

Apple Watch ‘More’ Independent Thanks To Watchos 2

Apple Watch ‘More’ Independent Thanks To Watchos 2

Always nice dad connected to iPhone, but a bit ‘more independent from today Apple Watch can also host native applications, no “lean” in all respects on the phone. And ‘possible thanks to the evolution of the operating system that governs the smartwatch the Apple OS Watch 2.
It is a key change because it allows developers to build apps faster and more responsive, bringing the experience of using the device to a higher level. The number of native apps is obviously still growing and there is a page Reddit to follow to get an idea.

But the only way for the developer to fully utilize the hardware Apple Watch, and then as the heart rate monitor game ppsspp, the Force Touch tactile and motor (Taptic Engine) opens the way for countless uses and higher performance.

Apple Watch can then be more personalized, starting from the dial. As a background image you can use a picture but also a photo album, which change every time you lift your wrist. It will also provide time-lapse views of iconic locations from Paris to New York, with images ranging lighting based on time of day.

So, in summary, a flick of the wrist and Apple Watch comes alive. We can check the time, the goals daily, the battery remaining. But also respond to the mail: the same mode used for iMessage, but Siri now understands commands in context, such as “Directions to get to People’s Square by public transport” and “Open a running session of X kilometers”.

Closing with the aesthetic side of life: new dials, watch faces can play pictures (even ones before and after shooting, with iPhone 6s), photo albums and photos in timelapse of several major cities in the world, taken over a period of 24 hours.

Last but not least, the mystery of iPad Pro: Apple could in fact introduce the new tablet: in addition to the new iPad Mini, the items most ‘persistent concern an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, designed for the professional world, with technical characteristics very high and a price commensurate with performance. Costs are rising but they speak a thousand dollars for the most powerful version. It should also have a stylus combined.

Chapter Battery: iPhone 6S will have smaller batteries, with a drive from 1.715mAh, which would be offset by a new more powerful processor: the A9 processor made by Samsung. The RAM should be increased from 1GB to 2GB, and this might be the most important innovation. Last grains, color. It seems that in addition to the usual, will dawn on the shelves even the “pink gold”.

Any other business

In addition to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, for the event of 9 September debut of the rumored iPad Pro 12.9-inch mini iPad 4 and the new set-top box Apple TV fourth generation.