Beautiful Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Posted on Eksterior Design

Drought tolerant landscape design – You can have a beautiful and productive garden while cutting down on water consumption.  If you create a new garden or work with the one you already have, it is always useful to outline the different areas of your landscape. To reduce water consumption, you will create different water-use rooms. Areas that need the most water tend to be vegetable gardens, flower gardens and lawns.

If you want to grow flashy flowers, you also need more water. Consider grouping the plants near the house where the effect will be greatest or try to allocate a limited area for cutting. The rest of the space can create a complementary design while using minimal water. Grow areas of drought tolerant landscape design plantations. Native plants are a great source for easy to grow choices. If they grow locally without frills, you do not have to fuss either. Chances are they will grow in the local soil with no added water, as that is how they naturally evolved.

To make drought tolerant landscape design more attractive than in nature, you can design groups of the same plant in interesting color combinations or inter planted with other plants with similar growing needs. One word of advice: plan for irrigation even the toughest of plants in the first year or two, until the plants have grown a full root system and can support themselves on lower water.