Grain Silo House Best Design

Posted on Eksterior Design

Grain silo house – Galvanized sheet metal silos are today the best alternative for the storage of cereals thanks to its versatility, easy assembly, hygiene in handling and low storage cost. the design the silos according to your needs with the most recent technological means, using the best qualities and in accordance with the European and American regulations in force. A silo is a structure designed to store grain and other bulk materials; they are an integral part of the collection cycle of agriculture.

The most common are cylindrical, resembling a tower, built of wood, reinforced concrete or metal. Grain silo house is a structure of generally 4 to 8 m in diameter and 10 to 25 m in height. It can be constructed of materials such as wooden beams, concrete, concrete beams, and corrugated galvanized sheet. These materials have differences in their price, durability and the resulting air tightness.

Grain silo house that only store silage are generally discharged from the top. This task was originally done by hand with rakes, but is currently done more often with mechanical unloaders. Sometimes loaders are used to collect from the lower parts but there are problems to make repairs and with the silage that is embedded in the walls of the structure.