Making Simple Cornice Window Treatments

Posted on Eksterior Design

Cornice window treatments – A simple wooden cornice plate that extends to the ceiling is one of the most basic window treatments. It can be covered with fabric or painted to match your decor. A cornice board that is painted to match the walls or the molding will cover the top of the curtains or blinds, without adding additional design elements to the room.

Cover the cornice window treatments with the fabric that matches your curtains for another simple window treatment. Measure the distance from the bottom of curtains or shade of hardware to the ceiling. Add 2 inches to this measurement to make sure that the hardware is hidden behind the blind. This will be the height of your board. Measure the width and depth of the curtain rod. Add 1 inch to each of these measurements for dispatch. If your curtains or blinds fit inside the window frame, measure the width of the window frame and the depth of the molding around the window. The depth of the rod or molding is the distance that protrudes from the wall.

Cut the front part of the cornice window treatments from the finished plywood using the height and width measurements. Cut the sides using height and depth measurements. Nail the sides of the cornice in front. The edges of the side pieces should be against the back of the front. The joints will form the shape of a box in half with an open upper part and the lower part. Cover the nail holes with a little putty and paint the cornice.