Negative Edge Pool Amazing Design

Posted on Eksterior Design

Negative Edge Pool – is a buried pool that lacks one or more edges. Although most pools have a definable edge that surrounds them, the edge pool creates the illusion that water lacks edges is supported by nothing. Europeans have used it design for centuries, but it did not gain popularity in the US, until the 1950s. The design is especially effective when the edgeless parts of the pool are on a high ground that vanishes.

They are also beautiful when near a water source such as oceans or lakes. Near water, the edge pool gives the illusion that the water in the pool does not end, and harmony with the water source was continued. On high land, the negative edge pool looks like a awesome trick. Actually, the negative border swimming pool has one side on the edgeless area. The achievement of the look without edges is achieved by placing a water collection tank below the pool and out of sight.

Alternatively, the negative edge pool┬ácan achieve the “sideless look” in pools that are built on two levels. A high level can hide a level further down in the pool, which naturally picks up excess water. In addition, the pool water can go down to a large spa or fountain, creating beauty on all sides of the pool. The negative edge pool is especially impressive at night, and the owners of these pools often enjoy their reflective ability.