Why We Must Choose Three Season Porch

Posted on Eksterior Design

A three season porch allows you to expand your living space to enjoy outdoor activities with protection from insects and precipitation. This area would make a functional addition to your home. And also helping to bridge the gap between interior and exterior spaces. These porticos share similarities with glazed terrace porches and additions. Your distinctions to establish in the middle range of adding value to the property.

The type of floor for use in a three season porch largely depends on whether the porch construction is to be started or to start with an existing porch. If you have an existing porch or deck outside your home, you can incorporate the deck floor into the porch. Indoor / outdoor carpets can be placed on the floor of the existing deck. These to make the porch look more like an extension of your interior living space. If the porch is built from scratch, the floor is often mixed more with the floor inside the house. Perhaps a plywood floor covered with a carpet or slab.

Unlike a glazed terrace addition, three season porch are not linked to a home heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. In addition, the gantries of three stations are not insulated as a real addition would be. So it is easy for any hot or cold air to escape. The porch is separated from the rest of the house by a door so that the house can keep warm. The lack of a source of heat means that the room is colder in winter than the rest of the house. And also is not suitable for use in cold climates. Many people extend the season they can use the porch with portable heaters for heat or fans to cool the room.