The Best Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Posted on Eksterior Design

Drought tolerant landscaping ideas – As an extension to the living room, a backyard can be an oasis of relaxation or pleasure. Even the smallest back yard with a few chairs to enjoy the sun or shadow with a friend can be inviting. Select elements for landscape designs that meet family needs. When the budgets are tight, the landscape project can be completed in stages.


A focal point can be achieved by incorporating a fountain or pool into the drought tolerant landscaping ideas. The fountain can help hide noise through the sound of water spray. A sitting area around a fireplace or in front of an outdoor fireplace can draw friends to the glow and the heat from the fire. Includes a flat grassy area in the backyard landscape for children of all ages to play. For wheelchair-bound family members, install ramps and create wide walkways. Corridors can be made from natural products, such as stone or mulch or cement, and in straight or curved shapes

Install drought tolerant landscaping ideas at ground level to illuminate walkways, such as energy efficient low voltage lighting that can be installed by houses from kits. Table level lighting and overhead lighting can make outdoor space useful tonight.

Lighting can be attached to the house to guide downwards. Tires with railings and steps may have lighting attached to the underside of the railings. Up lighting, like light set at the foot of a tree or in a flower bed and pointing upwards, can give subtle illumination for visual effect.