Unique Copper Post Caps

Posted on Eksterior Design

Copper post caps – The basic idea is to make the railroad out of black polyetene pressurized water pipe, harden it with a lot of slats of laminated wood inside the tube with epoxy, and the tube lid with the leather. That they never did, of course. Measuring a spiral staircase to build a railing by measurements is not a trivial matter. There are a couple of manufacturers of spiral staircases prefabricated in the country.

At least one of them would be the wooden railing to the specifications of the customers. The diameter of a copper post caps would be 50 mm / 2 “, which is on the thick side. It seems that the mansion of glass palaces and restorations of nonsense that-millionaires have skyrocketed the prices of even a little bit-of-the-current-to housing construction. If the buyer does not understand anything, the seller can charge what he likes.

The copper post caps are presented in a coil, so it is curved to start. It adapts to a round stair tower naturally and easily. The radius of the coil is smaller than the radius of the tower, so the pipe has to be straightened instead of being bent. The tube was tied first in the wall fasteners with electric cables. Using the screws at this time is out of the question, since the protruding points of the screw in the tube could interfere with the wood in slats that will be inserted into the pipe.

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