Custom Entry Doors Design

Posted on Eksterior Design

Custom entry doors –  space should serve as the most important gathering point for most buildings. The entry itself should make some type of statement in terms of being formal or informal. A house can look warm and inviting with a front door entrance placed near a porch with rails, for example. Or, a house can have a very formal double door entry system without porch and lots of list at the entrance. The door entrance should match the design of your house or build and be very accessible from the front walk.


Sketch a custom entry doors that is big enough for your house or building. Never install a door that is too narrow for the size of the front of the house, as this will remove from the curb appeal. Review home design books and magazines to see what others have used in homes similar to yours. Choose doors with raised panels, a colonial construction, and soft front without panels or whatever is appropriate for your home’s architectural details.

Use plain paper to draw on the front of your house. Allow a square of squared paper to represent four inches of real space. Include all windows and shutters in detail, as a front entrance should balance the facade of the building in exact detail. Experiment with drawing slots next to front custom entry doors . Draw different types of porches and roof tiles to see what works at an input. Draw a small veranda with two columns holding up the ceiling, for example. Draw a longer porch with rails to see if this improves the house or building. Experiment with a sloping ceiling, hip ceiling or A-frame roof over a concrete porch, brick porch or wooden porch.