8 Entrance Drives to Be Enchanted by Your Neighbor

8 Entrance Drives to Be Enchanted by Your Neighbor

An entrance driveway is much more than just a garden. Because often the first idea that guests have in our home depends precisely on this space a few square feet in degrees to communicate our personality and our style. Then let us go through the next images together and let us conquer the proposals of our experts. We will discover 8 driveways to envy the neighbor, which we could take as an inspiration to make our nest even more unique and welcoming. From the perfect scenery project for those who are fortunate to have a large vertical garden area available, here are 8 ideas that we can not miss!


Let’s look closely at this scenic driveway and try to wonder what effect it might be at home. Why not turn it into reality If we have at least ten square meters, it will not be very difficult. The important thing is to skilfully alternate materials and shapes to create a fascinating game of empty and full volumes. What do we need Gravel, concrete slabs and small boxwood bushes of various sizes, to be arranged along the route a pinch of fantasy and there is a classic style garden full of charm.

A tip As a more practical alternative, we could replace the bushes with mini hedges in pew, always in the shape of a pouf.


The second garden we take into account is a perfect example of how architecture and vegetation can complement each other, creating a truly spectacular result. The concrete walkway with minimal and minimal design surrounds in fact the small colorful curtain, giving rise to a contrast of great effect.


You are not always lucky enough to have a large surface at hand, so you must aim at original solutions that can help us create a great driveway even in a few squares. In this proposal, for example, the path was made thanks to high and slender bamboo plants, which capture the attention without generating excessive clutter.


If we are looking for an idea to astonish our guests (and our neighbors!) We could take this initiative by the experts of the NICO VAN DER MEULEN studio a composition that totally revolutionizes the concept of outdoor garden, proposing a modern water course . Then note in the background the vegetal panels, which lay the walls with the green that is missing on the ground.


A simple but remarkable driveway that we could copy by combining plants of different shape to create a delightful, eclectic style garden.

Perfect in every season

If we are not expert gardeners, fat plants are the ideal solution for having a perfect entry path every season they require minimal care and provide great effect. In this proposal, for example, the driveway was realized thanks to a cactus planter and exotic plants that recall distant and fascinating landscapes.

A hint to make our garden even more fascinating, we could put in the planter of small LED lamps and create such intriguing lights and shadows.

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