Faux Wood Garage Doors Style

Posted on Eksterior Design

Faux wood garage doors – Think of country farms and English villages, home with gingerbread trim nestled in a wooded area with flowers climbing trellis and birds playing in the bird bath. Making a garage door look cottage style can be achieved in an obvious way, or with some small details. Either choice can change the unsightly modern look of these structures in a charming design from the beginning, either separately from the home or attached.


Create a Cottage Style Look for the garage. Add rustic style lighting to illuminate the faux wood garage doors or driveway. Consider a sloping quadrilateral or hexagonal glass frame for a 19th century look. Copper or black wrought iron hardware is added to the old world character.

Paint the door a contrasting color from the rest of the garage, such as a faux wood garage doors on a blue, brown or gray garage. For a bold look, paint the door bright green, red or blue towards a more discreet garage color. Paint only the trim or windows frames a contrasting color if you prefer a more subtle look.

Create a gateway arc at the beginning of the driveway if you have space and it fits the yard style. This gives a soft framed look for the faux wood garage doors. The arch looks best about surrounded by trees, so it can melt as if it grew naturally. A black iron arc gives an old-fashioned touch, or you can build a wooden enamel arc for a genocide design. Building a stone border at the end of the driveway instead of an arch gives a rustic style look as well.